Charities we support

These are the Charities that we support with proceeds from our ride.

Our Origin

What does it take to feed the hungry? In short, people with inspiration - like original Director Karen Giacalone; organizations - like the Amador Tuolomne Community Action Agency; and churches, who recognized the need for working together to feed the community's men, women and children who are hungry.

The Interfaith Food Bank was born through the combined efforts of Ms. Giacalone, sixteen local churches, and a Community Development block grant from AT-CAA, all working together to form the Interfaith Council of Amador County in 1996. Once established, the Council turned to local grocers, businesses and individuals to set a plan in motion that resulted in the opening of the Interfaith Food Bank on April 6, 1998, completely debt free

Our Vision

We envision a time without hunger in Amador County; a time when parents don’t go without to feed their children and a time when the elderly do not choose between housing, life saving medication and food.

Who We Are
"“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved”

The Interfaith Food Bank today

In 2013 the Interfaith Food Bank serves as a focal distribution center with 15 satellite locations throughout Amador County including a Spanish speaking site in Plymouth.

Thanks to an extremely generous community, our local partner supermarkets and the Emergency Food Assistance Program we have been able to supply an average of 70 families daily with enough food for three to five days.

The Interfaith Food Bank distributed almost one million five hundred thousand pounds of food in 2013.

Our Mission

The Pride of Ione Foundation believes that an understanding and appreciation of our history is essential to maintaining a unique and meaningful identity as a community. By preserving our past we assure that this legacy is passed on to future generations and it will shape our future through a shared understanding of our history.

We accomplish this by:


and partnering with local and regional individuals, business and institutions, both public and private to promote awareness of Ione’s past, present and future.


engaging and educational programs of the history of Ione and its citizens by providing living, interactive historical archives that everyone can access and anyone can contribute to.


projects that foster Community Service and benefit the community today and that all ages can actively participate in


Ione and its citizens by providing opportunities for the community to gather. We continually seek fresh ways to connect people to history.